Sunny Day Unicrown

Sunny Day Unicrown

$ 32.00

I believe in unicorns, don't you? Here at Splendere the unicrown is our jam. It doesn't get much more magical than this and we're sure you'll agree!

ABOUT OUR UNICROWNS: Each unicrown begins with the horn and ears. The ears are all hand traced and cut. They are double layered and sewn one by one. Yes, I could just glue the layers, but the stitching detail just adds that extra 'pop'. I live for the little details! The horns are then all hand traced and cut. I sew each one; stuff them, and wrap them to create the PERFECT horn. Not too big, not too small.. and sturdy! Next are the felt flowers which are each cut and then meticulously and expertly hand crafted from 100% merino wool felt. Every petal is folded, adhered, and shaped just so. Depending on the design, the leaves will be made from wool felt, metallic, or glittered. Our glitter material is hand pressed and sealed. The glitter is 100% guaranteed to not flake off and make a mess. It's PACKED with eye-catching sparkle. We know you'll love it! The final product is secured to a hand made adjustable slider headband. Yes, ADJUSTABLE! These will fit little babies to adults! 

Please use with adult supervision on little unicorns 3 and under. 

SIZE: Our Unicrowns stand just about 4" tall. Width varies from 6-7" from leaf tip to leaf tip. The best part?.. Other than being ridiculously adorable? They are SUPER light weight! I get asked often if they are heavy. Nope, not at all! 

SHIPPING: Each item is lovingly handmade by my own two hands. Please allow 3 weeks for completion. Items ship from southern California.